Announcing AB Testing for Transactional Emails

We’re stoked to announce the release of A/B Testing for Transactional Emails. This has by far been our most requested feature to date.

If you don’t know what A/B Testing is, it’s a way to split test your emails to see how one version performs compared to another. When you start a test, you create two different versions of the same email and we start to deliver both versions. Over time you’ll see how the different versions compare to each other and you can pick the winning version.

We strongly believe you should A/B test every important transactional email you send. If you’re stuck for ideas on how you could change your emails, you can check out our blog post “4 Tips to Help Your Transactional Emails Convert” for some ideas.

Running A/B Tests

It’s very easy to run an A/B Test with All you need to do is select “Run A/B Test” in a template’s settings. Once you’ve created your alternate version, hit “Save & Start Test” and you’re off!

Run an A/B Test

Starting an A/B Test

A/B Test Results

A running A/B Test

For more information on running A/B Tests, check out the documentation.

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