If you ask any web developer about their experiences with transactional email, you’re bound to get a variety of responses, but I highly doubt any will make you think "Developers love coding emails".

The world developers live in has changed incredibly over the last 10 years. More than ever we’re empowered to build amazing applications. So why is sending email from apps still a pain? plans to solve that.

“Just fix things that seem broken” – Paul Graham is designed to scratch our own itch. Transactional emails are a maintenance nightmare. They’re a debt from day one. I’ve seen it in every app I’ve ever built: updating the emails that go out is so painful it deters people from making the changes, or you have to build your own system to manage them. By moving the templates into, we can reduce that overhead. Need to update an email? Easy. There’s a single place where you can preview and update all the emails your app is sending.

It turns out developers aren’t the only ones who dislike Transactional Email

“System emails are like the forgotten step child of marketing”

– Kyle Vermeulen, Marketing Manager at SitePoint

Every email you send to a user is a chance to engage with them. If you’re not taking advantage of those opportunities, you could be missing out on important sales, upsells, support or feedback opportunities. From the simple forgotten password email, all the way through to the subscription renewed email, these are easily forgotten opportunities to really provide value to your users.

The primary reason why transactional emails are overlooked as marketing avenues is the ability easy update and manage content. If you have to wait a week, and deal with multiple people, to update a single offer in an email, that’s too much work. allows marketing teams complete control of transactional emails, and they get the analytics they’re used to from their list based marketing tools.

We’ve built to use – every email we send our customers uses the same system they use. We love using it, and we’re only just getting started.

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Mal Curtis is the Co-Founder of (an easier way to manage transactional emails). He’s been building web apps for over a decade and loves new technology.

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